A modern, luxurious, but unmistakably Japanese living experience

Designed to deliver a modern, luxurious, but unmistakably Japanese living experience, Kawamotoya offers unmatched views of the mountain or the valley below.

Nozawa Onsen: Tradition, tranquility, timelessness

An authentic Japanese home

Kawamayota's Luxury Apartment

Modern Japanese design

The intention is that the Kawamotoya design should be timeless, not trendy, and while offering a very comfortable international lifestyle, making the most of the classic calm of a Japanese interior.

Temple at Nozawa Onsen

Built upon a depth of history

Kawamotoya has welcomed guests for over 100 years as the premier ryokan in Tera-yu, one of the oldest areas of the village. Built by Tamon Kono, whose descendants still live and work in the village.

Kawamotoya was originally conceived as a luxury, locally-run ryokan, a much-loved family accommodation.

The new Kawamotoya consists of 7 premium quality apartments and 1 unique penthouse, designed to hold their beauty and value over the years, right in the heart of the increasingly popular vacation retreat destination - Nozawa Onsen village.

Nozawa Onsen concierge team

A truly local team

The staff of Nozawa Hospitality live and work in the village and are part of the community. Their multilingual team is always at hand to share local tips and information on local experiences, restaurant recommendations and bookings, and whatever you need to make your stay as enjoyable as possible.

There is only one deluxe penthouse in the village of Nozawa Onsen. This is it.

Explore the penthouse
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