Close-up of team members putting their hands togetherClose-up of team members putting their hands together

The Team

Working together at Kawamotoya

Your stay in Nozawa Onsen will surpass your expectations. There is so much to experience here, and it’s Nozawa Hospitality's privilege to guide you.

Nozawa Hospitality Team

Nozawa Hospitality

Nozawa Hospitality is a local company, embedded in the community, and is proud to support the village’s development. As a trustworthy liaison in Nozawa Onsen, Nozawa Hospitality's professional staff will provide full-time property management services.  Established 12 years ago, Nozawa Hospitality employs between 15 and 50 staff, depending on the season, all dedicated to ensuring that guests fully appreciate this extraordinary village, and that owners benefit from a complete peace of mind.

Nozawa Hospitality Team

Source: Kitano Construction

Kitano Construction

Kitano Construction Limited, established in 1946 in our prefectural capital, Nagano City, is a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed construction company, with an explicit mandate to contribute to the development of local society as a good corporate citizen.

Image of an apartment created by Matsumura Design

MK Architectural Design Office

Established in 1965, the company has been building houses in and around Nozawa Onsen. As a local community-based building firm, it is their mission to thrill and satisfy their clients. They take every opportunity to study and grow. For you and your family, and generations beyond, to live with peace of mind, MK Architectural Design Office promises a lifelong relationship supporting you.

Nozawa Hospitality Team

Local Community

In line with Nozawa Hospitality's values, we've chosen to work with local providers and contractors such as Takara Real Estate and Yoshigoe Judicial Scrivener Office, to ensure sustainability and cooperation as one village.